National Deaf Children’s Society

Legacy Survey: What’s In Your Heart?

Creation of a new approach to encouraging legacy enquiries via a survey pack that offered the chance for supporters to give feedback to the charity, whilst also sharing how they felt about gifts in Wills.

The Story

We have worked with the National Deaf Children’s Society for many years on their gifts in Wills activity and, as such, have seen many of our direct mail packs designed to generate enquiries about leaving gifts in Wills to the charity do very well.

However, as National Deaf Children’s Society began to test approaching people who had less of a relationship with the charity, we found that response rates were also dwindling.

A new approach was needed, and we started by moving away from the case study-led packs that we had previously developed and began to think about how to engage and learn more about supporters so that we better understood them and their needs.

Our response was to develop a survey pack that asked about the supporter’s initial reasons for supporting NDCS; what areas of work they were aware of and enjoyed hearing about; how they felt as a supporter and the work that the charity did now and, importantly, how they saw the direction of the charity going forward.

We split tested the new survey pack against a more traditional case study-led pack and the results were clear: the survey pack generated a ‘positive’ response rate (i.e. people enquiring and not opting out of future communications about gifts in Wills) that was 6 x that of the case study-led pack, and an overall response rate that was 3 x higher than the more traditional pack.