Impact Report, GDPR Emails, AGM Film: Why walk when you can ramble?

Creation of a report for one of Ramblers’ key funders; a film to highlight the impact of the charity’s work over the previous year for sharing at the organisations’ AGMs and a GDPR campaign to ensure that Ramblers could keep inspiring their supporters in future years.

The Story

Ramblers needed to create a report for one of their key funders – the People’s Postcode Lottery – to show what the impact of their investment had been over the previous 12 months.

The report had the potential to be quite a dry and transactional document, but we wanted to use some of the beautiful images captured by walkers when they were enjoying the great British outdoors.

We also created an infographic to show lots of facts, figures and statistics about the Ramblers’ impact in an engaging way and this, interspersed with case studies of walking groups and the images and quotes from walkers themselves made this a great way to show the People’s Postcode Lottery just what a difference their funding had made in getting more people out walking during 2017.

We also created a film that Ramblers could use at their AGMs to highlight and celebrate their achievements during the year, but which could also be used externally as a general information film about the charity.

As with the Festival of Winter Walks film we developed the film right from initial concept through to filming up in Scotland and post-production editing. It’s a stunning insight into what walking means to Ramblers, their supporters and the people who love to get out and about in the great British outdoors.

Finally, as with most charities, communicating the impact of GDPR to their audiences – both active members and lapsed supporters – was a top priority for Ramblers. We developed the initial communications strategy as well as propositions and key messages to ensure that as many of Ramblers’ contactable audience as possible would respond.

We created two emails, designed to be sent in succession and highlighting the urgency of responding in order for supporters to stay in touch with Ramblers and stay informed and inspired by the great outdoors that they love.