Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Fundraising Materials: Do more for sick kids

A complete overhaul of fundraising collateral, using our newly-created brand to excite, engage and motivate people to ‘do more for sick kids’. This included in memory materials, a complete suite of materials that make up the community fundraising pack, regular giving recruitment leaflets, a welcome pack, email and PowerPoint templates.

The Story

We created a new fundraising brand for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, taking it into existing materials to promote fundraising as a really great way to do something for the hospital and the sick children being treated there.

We brought to life our ‘Do more for sick kids’ proposition by showing all of the ways in which people could ‘do more’ – more baking, more running, more fun, and more laughs in order to raise more money for this vital hospital.

These materials are most likely be seen by people who already have a strong emotional connection to the hospital – i.e. their child or grandchild is likely to be a patient – so we wanted the materials to offer them a positive and fun way to come together to support the hospital that is, or has been, so important to them.