Cash Appeals: Brussels sprouts can beat loneliness this Christmas

Creation of target-beating direct mail appeals to encourage Livability’s existing donor base to give again in support of the charity’s brilliant projects supporting disabled and vulnerable people.

The Story

We first started working with Livability on their Christmas 2017 cash appeal – focusing on the incredible Holton Lee project that doesn’t just grow plants, it grows people. Through the ‘Flourish’ programme run at the centre in Dorset, disabled and vulnerable people grow not only brussels sprouts, carrots and other brilliant veg to cook with and sell but they also develop friendships, grow in confidence and beat loneliness.

We more than met our target for this appeal and were delighted to have nearly doubled the target average gift.

The Spring appeal that followed this one told the next chapter in the Holton Lee story – that of what’s coming up next and some of the exciting developments happening around training the project users to give online tutorials on various aspects of gardening and horticulture. We included a set of recipe cards that used ingredients grown at Holton Lee and which were seasonal and delicious – also featuring the story of one of the project users on the reverse so that they were front of mind for anyone using the recipe cards.

Again, the results were great – beating target response rates and average gifts and receiving some really lovely recipes back in response to our request for donors to share their favourite dishes with us.