Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Welcome Pack: Welcome! Come on in…

Having created the new fundraising brand for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, we updated the existing welcome pack for new regular givers, celebrating their amazing support and the help they are giving the sick children being treated there.

The Story

Using the new proposition of ‘Doing more for sick kids’ we wanted to show the donors just how much their support is helping sick kids like Nathan, who spends five days a week at the BCH having kidney dialysis, and whose family is incredibly grateful for the help and support from the Charity in making their experience more bearable.

We outlined all the ways in which donors are ‘doing more’: by advancing research to save little lives; giving sick kids being treated at the hospital a fun and enjoyable experience so they can still be children rather than just patients; ensuring they have the latest technology available to aid their treatment and making the BCH buildings more modern and fun.

Mainly though, the pack was just designed to say ‘thank you’ and, as we said on the front cover, to let the donor know: ‘You’re awesome’.